Prize Money Policy

Here are all the necessary information & policy on Prize disbursement in BYOC.

The following rules apply to all contestants and are non-negotiable.

General Rules for all tournaments

1. The recipient of the prize money is the individual person that has registered for the specific tournament.

2. The winner/s must be present at the Prize Ceremony.

3. The winner/s must not follow/chase any organizer after his/her match is over for prize payout. The prizes would be paid as per schedule only.

Payout Policy

1. The winner/s will paid via online bank transfer only, within 120 days of submission of claim form.

2. Claim form will be mailed to the registered email id of all the winners.

3. TDS @ 30% will be deducted on the total amount, which can be claimed if the winner/s submit a photocopy of his/her PAN Card at the time of receiving the cheque.

4. TDS deduction letter would be issued to only those who have submitted the copy of PAN card.