Event Rules

All visitors & participants must read the below rules very carefully & attend the event only if they agreed to abide them.


We are running zero tolerance policy, which means:

1. Verbally abusive attendees will be punished severely, so do use your empathy and logic thought prior to verbally attacking other participants.

2. Any threatening, provocative and/or abuse behavior will result in an immidiate dismissal. In serious cases police will be contacted if deemed necessary.

3. Clearly intoxicated people acting recklessly will be turned out from the event, if deemed necessary.

4. At all times all instructions from the admins and crew must be followed.

5. At all times we comply with Indian law.

6. Companies and organisations who have rented booth and exhibition area are themselves 100% responsible for their content or activities.

7. Xtreme Gaming can not in any way be held responsoible for any kind of content or activities from partners, sponsors, media and any other organisation.

LAN Party

1. Each LAN party seat is valid for one (1) person and one (1) computer to the event. With each ticket you receive a table space and a chair.

2. Already paid for LAN Party seats cannot be refunded. Sickness or unforseen events do not grant you a refund.

3. Any desruptions in the LAN or Power do not grant you a refund or reduced LAN Party seat rent.

4. All the participants are responsible themselves for their personal belongings like gears, laptops, computers, camera, mobile, wallet, bags etc. under no circumstances organizers, sponsors, mall or security personnel is liable or responsible for any theft or missings.


At any game tournament we would like to ensure that the delay in the tournament schedule will be kept at a minimum or maybe no delay at all. Any carelessness by teams and/or players that results in delay will not be tolerated.

The following rules will therefore be applied to all games and matches played at BYOC.

1. All matches must start no later than 10 minutes after the announced starting time.

2. The game admins has to be informed if your team needs additional time before starting a match. The game admins decides whether the reason provided is valid and if your team can get any postponement. Any delays that are not agreed to by the adminis are regarded as illegal and can be punished.

3. The game admins will make use of the following sanctions if any team violates 1 and 2:

If only one player is missing on any team, irrelevant of the team's disadvantage, the admins may force a game start.

If a team is short by more than one player at the server, admins may force a forfeit loss.

The match will be decided by coin toss if both teams are missing more than one player.

Missing players can join the match at any time with standard startmoney. No pause is allowed while waiting for the player to connect to the server.

4. In games like CS & COD if all players don't join the server / or don't go live even after joining server in a maximum of 10 minutes the match will be forfeited and the winner will be decided by coin toss.


1. Alcohol and drugs in any form do not belong and are not allowed to be taken onto BYOC premises. Intoxicated and/or in any other form of affected people will not be let onto the premises. People found intoxicated and/or on drugs will be shown off the premises. Smoking is strictly forbidden indoors.

2. All Gamers/Person are responsible for all of their personal belongings including PC/Laptop/headphone/Keyboard etc. It is advisable to use kengiston Locks to secure valuable hardware. Under no circumstance the organaizer will be held responsible for any missing personal belongings.

3. Each person may only use one chair at every computer space. You are not allowed to pile two or more chairs on top of each other to create a higher chair, please bring a pillow instead!

4. You may not alter or touch BYOC's cables or equipment.

5. BYOC has no minimum age requirement; participants under the age of 18 should have their parent's permission to attend BYOC. Guardian shall be aware of BYOC rules!

6. You are not permitted to sell anything without the permission of Xtreme Gaming. This does not include occasional sale of second hand or personal belongings.

7. Posting posters or any other spreading of commercial material, propaganda or anything similar is strictly forbidden on BYOC 'premises' without special clearance from Xtreme Gaming.

8. BYOC retains the legal right to place cameras for publishing and also publish photo's taken inside and outside BYOC venue on the Internet without asking further permission from participants that may be visible in the picture.


BYOC retains the legal right to edit, publish, modify, sell and distribute photographs, video and audio recordings taken inside and outside BYOC without asking further permission from persons that may be visible in the picture.