Check List

Here is a checklist for BYOC, ideal for first time visitors and also regulars. it is easy to forget something important!

Useful Tip

Always take your valuables with you when you leave your seat or ask your friends and neighbors to watch your belongings. If possible secure your laptop with computer security lock. Never leave your mobile, camera and wallet on the table / CPU.

The occasion makes the thief!


  • Personal computer with all cables.
  • Screen and associated cables.
  • Keyboard, mouse and mouse pad.
  • Headset or headphones.
  • Screwdriver, for quick fixes and upgrades to your computer.
  • Cable ties, secure your cables and keep all things tidy. (available at entrance/admin zone for free of cost)
  • Game console & controller. Make sure it can be plugged in to your screen.
  • Mobile phone and charger.
  • Digital camera and camcorder. Send photos to your blog and videos on Youtube, a must!
  • Your own office chair if you want to sit really comfortable. BYOC provides simple chairs. Trust us it will be great for you.
  • Computer security lock, cables and padlock. Secure your hardware!


  • Installation CD / DVD / HD / USB for your operating system.
  • USB stick or CD / DVD with drivers, if you need to do a reinstallation.
  • All drivers of your PC in a pen drive. They are generally not needed but when they are needed they are like angels.
  • Games and Software.
  • Anti-virus software, be sure to have your security software and operating system updated before the festival. or alternativally you can format your PC after the event.

Clothing & accessories

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes, the festival goes for 3 days! it's not a bad idea to carry few tee shirts & a short.
  • Extra pair of socks - very useful :)
  • Bed sheets and towels.
  • Sleeping pad or air mattress. Only if you really need a comfortable sleep.
  • Pillows. They are very useful, can be used as packaging cushion for LCD, can be used on chair for comfortable seating and of course can be used while sleeping.

Personal Hygiene & Health

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Deodorant.
  • Moisturiser.
  • Headache Tablets.
  • If you are on any prescription, the medicines.
  • Do not hesitate to inform the crew, in case you need any medical assistance or any general medicines.