About BYOC


BYOC is a well established gaming event happening in New Delhi since 2007. Till date BYOC has 17 successful events to its credit. BYOC is abbreviation for "Bring Your Own Computer". Gamers bring their own computers & consoles to connect on a single network (LAN) and play multi-player games; basically it's an enormous LAN Party with tournaments & activities like Modding, over-clocking etc. BYOC acts as a perfect ground for gamers of all ages to connect & socialize with each other while having fun & winning loads of prizes and goodies.
BYOC is a trademark owned by Xtreme Gaming Pvt Limited.

BYOC is initiated and organized by Xtreme Gaming with the help of BYOC Organizing Committee.


If you have not been to a BYOC before, prepare to have fun. BYOC is a very unique type of event for Gamers from all over the country. The event goes for 3 days, and is truly a "MECCA" of its time. Some come to compete in tournaments, some come with groups of friends as part of a road trip, and some just live local and come to have fun.

We hope that you will join us for our next event, where we will feature more contests and tournaments than we have in a few years.

We hope to see you there!

For our past event pictures head to our facebook page.